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It may now not appear like it on the surface, however the social on line casino enterprise is in peril of stagnation. With an estimated $4 billion in annual revenue, social on line casino games symbolize one of the biggest segments of online casino software industry, but the category’s growth will stagnate and it almost definitely will never reach its full attainable except its developers start to attract a broader audience than they do currently. two

In many ways, the social casino industry is a victim of its personal success. It attracted a flood of customers via re-creating the most famous video games from land-based casinos — solely substituting digital currency for real money. For players who love the thrill of pulling the cope with of a slots laptop or going “all-in” on a straight flush, online casino software, social casino video games provide a fun, handy and nontoxic choice to real-money casino games. There are hundreds of thousands of such users, and for years they have fed the industry quite well, however symptoms of a slow-down in user boom have begun acting on the horizon.

Meanwhile, there is a complete universe of game enthusiasts for whom on line casino mechanics might also be fun, however now not quite enjoyable sufficient to wrest their interest away from the Strategy games, Puzzle games, RPGs and the other apps that dominate the charts. As the standard social online casino software target audience reaches saturation, builders have to locate different approaches to make their games enjoyable for a vast range of gamers, past just their core audiences.

Below, we describe 5 essential approaches that developers can make social casino games fun for everyone. 

1. Add Strategy and Skill-Based Gaming

In most casino games, players’ fates depend on the flip of the cards, the roll of the dice, the spin of the wheel. And that’s a huge section of the allure. But mobile gamers also love Strategy games, where they ought to assume skilfully about how to allocate resources, remedy challenges, and combat opponents to obtain victory. The subsequent generation of social casino games ought to combine chance-based gaming with skill-based factors that add a new layer of method and systems to the gameplay. This combination of ability and success will make the genre appeal to gamers who want to experience like they have more manage over the outcome of the action. 

2. Take Players on a Journey

There’s very little sense of experience or journey in most social on line casino games, the place players’ growth is marked especially by how a lot digital foreign money they’ve gained or lost. But most game enthusiasts want to experience as if they are working closer to some kind of closing consequence or destiny. They desire to be taken on a trip in which the experiences build on pinnacle of one another, creating a narrative arc that keeps them engaged and entertained. At any factor they might face an unexpected opponent, liberate a special power, or stumble throughout an entirely new challenge. Traditional social casino players would possibly be ok with easy wins and losses, however broader audiences count on greater of an adventure. 

3. Make Social Casino Games Truly Social 

When “social casino” video games first grew to be popular, they have been named for the fact that they seemed on social platforms such as Facebook — now not so a lot for being necessarily all that “social.” But that is opening to change, and today’s developers realise that the more social elements they can combine into their games, the simpler it is to entice a huge audience. Chat rooms, leaderboards, friend invitations and different social features have helped normal social online casino software builders expand virality and accumulate new customers organically, but the next generation of video games must turn out to be even extra social through including more head-to-head challenges, greater alliances and team-based gameplay, and extra ways to join pals thru the digital world.

4. Use LiveOps to Make the Games Feel “Alive”

One of the drawbacks of regular social casino video games is that they tend to get particularly repetitive. The gameplay mechanics themselves are practically equal from game to game, online casino software, however one way that builders can make the ride greater unique and interesting is with the aid of using LiveOps. Short for “Live Operations,” LiveOps includes making modifications to a game after it has launched so that it continues to feel sparkling and new to its audience. Social on line casino video games can leverage LiveOps to with ease insert new content, for instance, or to host global events that give a boost to competition and normally enlarge the stage of excitement. An effective LiveOps approach gives players extra motives to play and a larger feel of achievement, which in flip prevents monotony and attracts a broader section of players.

5. Tap Into Celebrity Power 

For generations, celebrity energy, online casino software has been used to promote the whole thing from soda and cigarettes to pavement rollers and candy bars. More recently, cell video games have gotten in on the act, with the success of apps like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Gordon Ramsay Dash proving that games primarily based on movie star IP can dominate the charts. Meanwhile, different builders have tapped celeb energy to promote current video games — such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endorsement of Mobile Strike or Kate Upton’s famous Super Bowl industrial for Game of War — to top notch effect. As social casino developers tap into movie star cache, they can appeal to a broader target audience through working with celebrities loved by using a wide demographic of consumers. Think no longer just World Series of Poker champion Scott Blumstein but beloved celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Tom Hanks or Will Smith.

The Next Generation of Social Casino Games 

The social on line casino enterprise stands at a crossroads. It can proceed down its current course towards slower consumer growth, or it can reinvent itself. If social on line casino builders don’t do some thing soon to appeal to a wider target audience as opposed to simply their core base, the industry will nearly sincerely begin to plateau, or worse. But if online casino software builders can learn to make their video games exciting for everyone, the industry faces almost limitless upside. twoCopy

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