Android game development overview

When mobile phones switched to Android and iOS, the rapid growth of Android game development of the industry was not long in coming. These operating systems have opened up new horizons for users and software developers. Not only numerous companies have benefited from this. But also the users themselves. Moreover, they themselves received everything necessary. In order to not only be ordinary consumers and offer their ideas in the form of applications for the new most convenient OS.
Many people in the United States and in the world in general were the first to become users of computer technology precisely thanks to phones. Moreover, it was mobile phone users who began to replenish the ranks of gamers. So many people I met who had never played in their life before. Until the period when they had a modern smartphone.

Old j2me phones were not too friendly for new gamers. And now this huge army of gamers is already the backbone of the mobile gaming industry. And some of them already want to make their games, their applications. They want them to be useful to society and to realize their innovative ideas. Or maybe just do something for a narrow circle of friends.

Unity engine

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of designers of applications and games for Android in this wonderful article – “ Android game development ” (for iOS, there is also something there). In it, you will be given an extensive list of programs that are suitable for both beginner game developers. Or even the creators of non-gaming and advanced applications. We will not say that programmers and advanced users, in my opinion, will be satisfied with the same Unity … But for beginner game developers, I advise you to start exactly without any experience at all, trying to use this engine.

Recommendations for beginners

For beginner Android game development creators, I would recommend using simple and convenient solutions, such as the same online game designers. And if there is no understanding at all how games are made, then it is worth playing games that allow you to understand at least the basics of creating levels, connecting resources, etc. The same Minecraft copes with this very well. In short, take the game designer and do something simple, but rather a clone of something famous with simple mechanics.

And when you succeed in Android game development, then you will have experience in the bosom, with which you can choose a more complex tool that allows you to make even a commercial level of the game. The main thing is not to rush.

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