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Classic real time strategy games

Real time strategy games in Poland existed long before the advent of The Witcher. Sometimes the Poles gave out games that could argue with veterans of the genre, and in terms of innovation, they could get around them. A similar thing happened with the EARTH 2150 series, which includes three games: the basic Escape From the Blue planet and the self-contained addition of Moon Project along with the later released Lost Souls.

This game was a continuation of the EARTH 2140, born in the era of the massive clones of Command & Conquer. Earth 2150, unlike its predecessor, decided to be original and one of the first in the genre to move to a full-fledged and adequately looking 3D. This transition turned out to be so impressive that in Eastern Europe the game simply could not be overlooked.

Instead of annoying green flat grass and an isometric camera fixed in one position, lovers of the real time strategy games were waiting for complete freedom of view and other things no less breakthrough for their time. Among them was, for example, a change of day and night, which was accompanied by a dynamic illumination of buildings and even troops.

Design aspects in Earth 2150

During the battles, the players were pleased with spectacular rocket tracers, laser flashes and nuclear mushrooms that shook the screen. And in the “peacetime” they were waiting for full-fledged terraforming, allowing you to dig trenches, with snow completing the picture, which is able to replace the base and units awaiting orders.

Earth 2150 tells about the confrontation of three factions: the Eurasian Dynasty, the United Civilized States and the colonists from the moon, calling themselves the “Lunar Corporation”. The plot is based on the consequences of the massive use of nuclear weapons, which led to a shift in the orbit of planet Earth. The player, having overcome a number of missions, must accumulate resources for the construction of the means of evacuation, simultaneously preventing other factions from doing this.

There is still much to be said about the campaign with a non-standard system for changing the day, and about the advanced configuration of the troops’ behavior, but any person who considers himself a lover and fan of real time strategy games on a PC should himself join this classic. This project helps to understand that underestimated things can also be surprising.

In the shadow of the generally recognized titans of the genre, there have always been games less well-known, but no less cult. One of these projects is the “Perimeter”, created by the domestic studio K-D Lab.

Familiar externally, the game is completely unusual internally. The surreal setting, terraforming, custom units, and mission conditions. The perimeter is able to surprise any lover of real time strategy games, and therefore it is recommended that you familiarize yourself.

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