Game developer specialty

A game developer is a specialist who creates program code, visualization, and concept of a game. He also chooses the means to realize the tasks. This profession is taught by people interested in computer science. There are a lot of specialties in game dev. In this article, we will consider professions related to game development, find out their pros and cons, and learn about the salaries of such specialists.

Game development is a complex process, one person or a large number of specialists can take part in it. Each of them is responsible for a certain aspect. You must have programming skills for various platforms. You need to be able to solve non-standard tasks.

Pros and cons of the game developer profession

The project should differ from others in its originality. Of the advantages of a game developer, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • High-profit payment.
  • An opportunity to realize creative ambitions.
  • A specialist can prove himself in various fields of activity.

Despite the pros, there are also disadvantages:

  • The profession is highly competitive.
  • It is difficult to realize your plan, the main one is the desire of the customer.

Also, often game developer creatively “burns out” ahead of time.

We list the most common professions without which it is impossible to realize a game project.

A game designer creates a game universe. He needs to come up with a plot, heroes, prescribe the world, fill it with various fascinating things. The main task of a game designer is to create a game balance.

In the gaming industry, it’s impossible to do without artists. Today, a good specialist in this matter can reveal his own talent. It is necessary to draw characters, various locations, work with 3D-graphics.

Designer of maps works through the world, distributing exactly where and what is located. He creates a game landscape, prescribes the path where the character moves.

Other game developer specialists in the development

Game developer implements all the ideas of his team, writes the final program code. If this specialist makes a mistake, the game will constantly produce errors and crash.

These experts find all kinds of errors and various inconsistencies. They carry out a full analysis of the project. Before the game comes out, it is definitely tested.

The listed professions are the main ones, but more specialists are usually involved in the development of a successful project.

Game developer conducts his or her work in various companies and agencies specializing in the production of computer games. For example, Wargaming, Gaijin Entertainment. They also work in large IT corporations, create startups, develop projects that use artificial intelligence. They are working on creating applications for mobile devices. Ready-made games can be sold to publishers or do it yourself using app stores.

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