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What happened to the real time strategy games

Looking at the most performed video games on steam, we discover age of empires ii on spot 28. It’s continually been in the top 50 for some time. Why is a game from 1999 within the pinnacle 50 maximum perform video games on steam? Because it changed into a truely properly sport and they stopped making real time strategy games. I wager case you most effective play antique games, would possibly nicely play a without a doubt good one.

I also checked starcraft 2, which presentations the number of video games being perform on conflict. According to that number it’s greater famous than age of empires with the aid of at the least 25%. If we expand the criteria a little bit and take look at approach of real time strategy games. The pinnacle 50 is complete of them: dota 2, soccer supervisor, sid meier’s civilization v and vi, dota underlords, overall war: warhammer ii, hearts of iron iv, rimworld, oxygen no longer covered, europa universalis iv, towns: skylines and stellaris.

That’s thirteen out of 50. There’s a questionable object in there: is dota 2 truly a strategy recreation? Dota underlords continues to be recognizably strategy, however in dota 2 you manage just a single unit, and that doesn’t count number, proper? The main purpose why i blanketed it is that it is based totally on a warcraft iii mod, and it does still have recognizable strategy elements: warring factions that you don’t manage yourself, but that also rely. And while you may want much less interest for manipulate of your units, you want greater attention for co-op play with your teammates and cognizance of what the opposing group is doing. And it simply scratches a few of the equal itches that real time strategy games scratch.

Appendix: What happened to everyone?

In any case this brings us to the first element that befell to rts video games: they innovated like crazy, created several new genres and cut up up into many smaller genres. This includes such things as tower protection, tower offense, greater hero targeted real time strategy games like league of legends, (however also a few video games in the the sunrise of struggle collection) the brand new genre of auto chess, the tug of struggle style, (nonetheless no longer in reality popular outside of starcraft 2 mods for some reason…) survival method like rimworld, idle games, blends with 4x video games, non-fight rts, pikmin–likes, and probably greater that i’m forgetting. There has been a 2nd massive factor that came about to rts video games, but i absolutely don’t recognise tons about it: loose-to-play video games.

There are a whole lot of approach real time strategy games among the popular free-to-play video games. Simply briefly searching at the maximum popular android video games i see acquainted things like the tower defense plant life vs zombies. I additionally see a whole video games where i truely don’t recognize how they paintings. Like clash of clans, lords cell, closing refuge: survival, sport of sultans, clash royale and extra.

I truly must inspect those.this 2nd aspect clearly hurt a number of the vintage collection accessible. Command and triumph over, dungeon keeper, the settlers, age of empires. Old strategy developers made unfastened-to- real time strategy games , most of which flopped badly. To be honest, these series had troubles before they went down the loose-to-play route. The publishers could have tried to make another complete sport inside the collection as an alternative.

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