Website development process and its stages

One of the stages of the website development process is the formation of technical specifications.

The term of reference is a document, which people prepare together with the client. It includes detailed characteristics of the resource. For example design wishes, like color design, application of corporate identity or its development, the ratio of graphic elements to the text. As well, the semantic core, the structure of the site, the number of pages, categories, blocks.

Also, site functionality. For example, only standard or development of additional modules, their detailed description, and goals. Here we can also include applied technologies and technical requirements for the resource.

Terms of Reference in the website development process

Terms of Reference – this is the foundation on which every specialist involved in the website development process. Therefore, in the preparation of TOR, the participation of the customer is necessary. It is negotiated and edited until the client agrees and signs the document. Only after this, the project goes into the creation stage.

At the stage of formation and discussion of TK, the site structure, its navigation, the number of categories and subcategories, their sequence of placement, etc. are also being developed. All information is also included in the document, which is signed by the customer.

All stages of the website development process are important for the quality functioning of the resource, but design development is one of the main ones. After all, the design is what the visitor sees in the first place, evaluates it and decides to stay on the page or close the browser tab.

Website development process and its design

The designer relies on the terms of reference, draws buttons, banners, and other graphic elements. In other words, the prototype that was created at the first stage of the website development process gets an aesthetic appearance, is made in the colors chosen by the customer. If the company has a corporate style, then the design is developed in accordance with it. Or, corporate identity can be developed first, and then a design based on it can be developed.

It is important to note that the designer does not draw the design of each page, but the templates of several basic ones, using web design trends. The finished layout is submitted to the client and is awaiting approval. If improvements are necessary, the designer performs them and again shows the layout to the customer. The design is being finalized until it is approved.

At the stages of the website development process, programming is not necessary. The programmer is connected to work if a large and complex project is being developed. The specialist’s task is to develop complex functions: a calculator, a payment system using bank cards, a currency converter, that is, all those functions that are not included in the standard functionality package.

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