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From the instant, a fresh tea bud and leaf is picked, its flavor begins to vary and develop. While a number of these changes are beneficial, and can dictate what sort of Bubble tea Los Angeles the sheet is to become, once the processing is finished soon, the merchandise begins to lose a number of its flavor. As a general rule of thumb, teams are at their best the younger they’re. The longer they’re left, exposed to heat and air, the more of their vibrancy and fresh flavor they start to lose.

When purchasing whole leaf teas, an honest online Bubble tea Los Angeles shop will always be ready to, at the very minimum, allow you to know the year it had been harvested, if not the precise harvest and production date. (I.E., Spring 2011) this text has been written to allow you to know what you ought to be trying to find when purchasing tea gifts online with regards to the age of the design of tea.

Green Teas

Green teas and lightly oxidized Oolongs – like the Taiwanese ‘Bao Zhong’ – have a period of only around six months to 1 year. While after this point, you’ll still be ready to make tea from these leaves, its flavor is going to be much reduced from how the master blender intended it to taste. These are the youngest and freshest tasting, and intrinsically should be drunk in this manner. Any online Bubble tea Los Angeles shop selling a tea much beyond one year after its harvest has bought an excessive amount of, or doesn’t know tons about tea! Only buy green teas that are one-year-old or less.

Oolong Teas

Semi oxidized Oolong teas have a rather long period of around 1 to 2 years. However, some traditional Chinese Oolongs which are roasted improve and soften after a while, generally after one year; however, an honest online retailer should be ready to advise you on this. There are, however, aged Oolongs, which give the exception. These Bubble tea Los Angeles can are aged anywhere from up to three to 25 years and can are regularly re roasted to manage the moisture content. These should be considered the sole exception to the 1 to the 2-year rule.

Black Teas

Black teas are fully oxidized hence their dark color. This oxidization ensures they need the most extended period of all beverages and can be beautiful to drink from anywhere between 1 to three years. Over this era of your time they’re going to begin to lose a number of their flavor however stored properly – during a relaxed but not cold environment, that’s neither too dry or damp, and kept out of direct sunlight – these leaves should retain most of their flavor for everything of that point.

Puer Teas

Unlike all the different teas above, Puers break all the rules! Fully oxidized, and semi-fermented, many Puers when young taste harsh and bitter. These specialist Bubble tea Los Angeles once made are placed in temperature-controlled stores, or traditionally stone caves, and allowed to age for anywhere between 1 to 50 years. Over this era of your time, the flavors mellow and develop, which is why Puers are a number of the rarest and move expensive teas available. While not always the case, a well stored Puer, is at its finest the older it is!

As you’ll see, there are only a couple of simple rules when it involves knowledge about the age of tea. By following the recommendation given during this article, you ought to haven’t any problems selecting a tea gift for friends or family from any online Bubble tea Los Angeles shop.

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