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The Most Versatile POS Software

As a little business owner, you’re always looking to save lots of a buck wherever you’ll. Although there are some items on which you ought to never skimp on price, there’s one vital tool you’ll get at no cost whatsoever: your point of sale software. POS software is that the technology utilized in tandem with the purpose of sale hardware—such as a card reader mounted to a smartphone—to process and monitor sales, track inventory, store customer data, integrate with systems and databases, and a spread of other functions.

It typically comes within the sort of a mobile or web application. For little business owners with limited transactions or products, free POS software can satisfy most of your needs. To assist you to opt which is best for your business, we’ve compiled an inventory of the simplest free POS software available on the market. 

Why you would like POS Software

Back within the day, all you needed to process transactions was a register and a trusted POS software bookkeeper. But nowadays you would like to satisfy customers where they’re. A survey from TYTS, a Mastercard survey company, revealed that 40% of consumers like better to pay with a MasterCard and 35% prefer debit cards. Only 11% said they like to pay using cash.

That’s not even considering the number of individuals using contactless payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. POS software, in tandem with some quite hardware, allows you to process all of those sorts of transactions. But besides widening your sales net, POS software can handle a mess of other functionalities which will make managing your business easier. Let’s take a glance at a number of those features. Before we jump into that, let’s check out why you would like a POS system, also because the features you ought to search for in your POS system

POS Software Features

POS software is among the foremost complex software systems out there for handling the numerous needs of companies around the world. Apart from processing and tracking sales, here is what the POS system could offer your business: After the sale has been processed, your POS system can deliver receipts within the customer’s desired format, whether that print or digital. If you use a service business, a POS system can help facilitate tipping functionalities, like displaying pre-calculated percentages or a custom tipping option.

POS essentially functions together with a large database for your business, so it is sensible that it should be ready to automate and optimize how you manage your business’s inventory. Among the foremost common inventory management features available in POS are reminders to tell you when the stock of a particular product is running low. Some POS software also will allow you to place orders within its interface in order that you’ll handle all of your stock inquiries in one place.

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