Tips for Learning to Play Musical Instruments Quickly Self-taught

Tips for Learning to Play Musical Instruments Quickly Self-taught

Tips for Learning to Play Musical Instruments Quickly Self-taught – Fren, nowadays it’s really easy if you want to learn to play a musical instrument by yourself.

One of them is through a free music course website or page. If you prefer to learn a musical instrument through what, Fren?

So that you don’t have to talk anymore, let’s continue to watch the discussion on how to learn to play musical instruments by yourself.

Tips for Learning to Play Musical Instruments Fast Self-taught

When you have the intention to be able to master a musical instrument, you should always pay attention to basic things like the following, Fren …

  • Focus on One Instrument First.

Sometimes we want to learn various kinds of musical instruments at a certain time, but it’s better to choose one first. With a focus on learning one musical instrument, you can use it to master that instrument.

When we learn many things at one time, it is not uncommon for our minds to be confused with other things. So it’s better to choose and focus on one musical instrument.

  • Visit a Free Music Course Website or Page.

Almost everything we need we can get online or online. Music courses are expensive, but there’s a free version! For example, on video platforms like YouTube, there are also many accounts that provide free music courses online.
You can also look for references on Soundfren, Fren! Because there are many music activists gathered and maybe they can help you learn music by yourself.

  • Please Be Patient, This is Learning.

Learning to play music is not the same as making instant noodles, you know! Everything has a process and stages. As in point 2, you better learn the basics first in learning music.

If learning block notation is too difficult, learn the chords and basic scales first, but still try to learn block notation. There is no need to be embarrassed if your learning process is not fast or just learning chords and scales.

  • Ask a Friend Who Can Play mMusic for Help.

If you have friends who can play music, don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask them for help to teach you to play music. Sharing your experiences or problems while you are playing music will help you understand how to solve them.

For people with a musical spirit, they will generally be happy to help you learn to play a musical instrument. But don’t forget when asking for help, ask politely. You can find friends to share via the Soundfren application too!

The More You Learn, The More You Know.

If you decide to learn music on your own, make sure you have set how often and when you will practice.
If the course, of course, we will follow the schedule given by the course / trainer institution. In contrast to self-teaching which is more flexible and depends on how we organize our schedule for training.

Better to practice regularly, set a schedule and take advantage of the free time for you to practice! The more you practice, you will find many new things that will improve your musical playing skills.

Choosing a course or being self-taught is an option. Not always taking courses or self-taught learning is bad, and neither of these methods is always good.

It’s good to keep walking side by side. If your music skills are good enough, or at least understand the basics of music, you can continue to learn more with music courses. So that you better understand other techniques that may not be found on online course sites, or keep self-taught learning that is your choice. Happy playing music!

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