Where to Start Learning Piano for Beginners ?

Where to Start Learning Piano for Beginners

Where to Start Learning Piano for Beginners ? –  Whether you  ‘ve decided to learning piano but do not know what about the music? Are you familiar  with musical  terms  such as  score, musical notation, rhythm, etc. ? Do not worry! Everything we will explain.

Previously, only people who are very rich who can afford tutors hired private  da n  could play the piano. Today, however, almost anyone can hire a piano teacher  and learn to play the piano thanks to online tutoring platforms that offer more affordable prices .

If you are  not comfortable learning in the school musical, s ekarang ,  you  can learn at home comfortably . In addition, you can also learn to read sheet music  with the guidance of  a private tutor. In fact, you  too can learn how to put the  fingers you the keys  thanks to  their courses  online.

Whatever your goals , here are some pointers for beginners …

Learn the Basics to Speed ​​Up the Learning Piano Process

When you are  learning the piano for the first time, of course you will  be tempted to try and learn it as quickly as possible. In fact , patience is the most important thing when you  want to become a piano player. Learning a musical instrument is very different from learning in school .

There are a few things you need to know so that you  can learn to play the piano easily.

Practice play the piano with two hands while reading  scores . This is the most basic technique if you  want to learn to play the piano and improvise . However, if you cannot master these basic exercises then your practice will be in vain. 

It doesn’t matter if your cousin’s birthday  is  only a few weeks away and you  really want to  present some amazing piano  playing  to him. He just has to watch you sit at the piano and play “Chopsticks!”  Better than nothing, right?

Choosing a song that is famous  also could be one way  that good  to start learning. Surely, you must have  already heard of her  air time -this time  and Andi  could certainly  play  well with a piano or keyboard. The rhythm and melodies may be ingrained in your mind, and you’ve completely absorbed the song .

However, there is something more important than just mastering the song. To  speed up the learning process, you  can too learn through free online piano lessons  or with the help of a qualified music teacher.

If  you  think  that learning piano with the tutor personally  is the only way, you  have to remember that there is still no courses  private piano in onlin e! Your private  tutor can show you how to  play a song and read scores .

Beginner’s Special Piano Playing Techniques

Practice to your famous or your favorite song, take online piano lessons, schedule private piano lessons, and whatever way you practice, patience is the key to playing the piano. 

As mentioned above, the first is to learn the basics to speed up your learning process. As a beginner, here are some basic techniques you should master when learning to play the piano or play the keyboard.

Start with the Four Key Chords of C

The four basic chords in C consist of I, IV, V, and VI. As a beginner, that is an important starting key, because the note combination contained in the note C does not use moles (b) or use stress (#) so it is easy for you to memorize.

Before learning a complete keyboard chord, the four basic keyboard chords in the basic C note are important for you to master first. Among them;

  • C which has a CEG chord
  • F which has an AC chord
  • G which has the GBD chord
  • As well as Am which has an ACE chord

Learn Easy Piano Chord Consists of 3 Notes

Each musical instrument has its own characteristics. When you learn the piano, there are combinations of various chords that make up the unity of the chord and this is different for other instruments such as guitar and drums. 

On the piano, 1 basic chord consists of 3 notes, for example the C chord which consists of CEG, the d chord which consists of DF # A, and the Bm chord which consists of BDF #.

The chord keys on the keyboard are divided into 7 patterns which are marked with Roman numerals I – VII. 

Minor chords will be identified with II, III, and VI, while major chords are marked with I, IV, and V. Pattern VII itself indicates a special pattern or what is often called diminished chords.

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